Herft, Geri, Roberts & Smith


HERFT  GERI  ROBERTS  &  SMITH - 4 established headline quality singer-songwriters combining beautiful songs sung in the round with some seriously good "off-the-cuff" accompaniment, great musicianship and exquisite harmonies along with some humourous ad-lib banter in between.

Class acts - with over 150 years of performing between them
- an outstanding show.


Suzette Herft is a contemporary troubadour and award winning songwriter with a sublime voice. She shines with a natural grace and presence that lights up any stage. Suzette has received many accolades for her moving and brilliant solo tribute to Joan Baez, including a rousing standing ovation at the 2015 and 2014 Port Fairy Folk Music Festivals. She is a well-known facilitator of wonderful singing and songwriting sessions in Melbourne. Suzette has currently 6 cd’s including 2 newly released cd’s titled ‘Roses’ (an album of original songs produced by Shane O’Mara) and ‘Farewell Angelina’ – an album of duets with Patrick Evans from the live show of the same title featuring the story of the iconic duo Bob Dylan and Joan Baez.

“A charismatic singer-songwriter with a heart in tune with her world and a voice to go with it.”
(The Australian Songwriter).


Janette Geri is one of Australia’s finest singers, earthy, eclectic, sensual, original, a serious guitar player, and an acclaimed songwriter. With a remarkable voice … tender, beautiful, adept and evocative … this powerful performer consistently captivates and enchants her audiences here and overseas. Exquisitely expressive, generous and warm, her music is diverse, timeless, contemporary and genuinely original; weaving together rich strands of melody with earthy grooves, eclectic rhythms, jazz structures, a touch of blues, and strong world sensibilities.
With 5 original albums and 2 trad albums to date, she is a consummate performer and recording artist … and she definitely loves a good giggle.

“She has a hauntingly beautiful and warm voice that puts instantly a spell on the listener. Wonderful harmonies coupled with stirring rhythms and angelic singing make her music a real treat for your ears.” Adolf ‘gorhand’ Goriup – FolkWorld


Tracey Roberts combines her smooth, clear, lilting vocals with her versatile and sensitive piano playing and richly poetic lyrics to create melodic arrangements of beautiful, original songs. Her music is a fusion of adult-contemporary, jazz-infused soul, pop and folk, with hints of blues, classical and Celtic influences … and there’s always some surprising quirky cabaret stuff with spontaneous anecdotes and commentary thrown into the mix … an entertaining, class act. With over 20 years of musical experience and touring internationally, she has recorded 8 CDs and a Blu-ray.

“What an extraordinary musician…” Bruce Watson
“Tracey Roberts is one of the unhidden treasures of the Yarra Ranges” Ann Creber 3MDR – 97.1 FM


Jo Jo Smith is one of Australia’s greatest treasures, an inspirational performer who takes her audiences on a lyrical, musically diverse journey of blues, soul, funk, R&B, Latin and jazz. Her own songs are a tour de force and along with a unique interpretation of a small, select group of covers, Jo Jo’s status as one of Australia’s singer/songwriters is confirmed. Jo Jo is currently touring Australia, celebrating 50 years of performing.

“I was blown away by Jo Jo. I have never seen anything like the show I saw at Mullum Music Fest.”
Ash Grunwald

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